Frequently asked questions



Where do the jackets come from?

All of the jackets we use are repurposed, primarily from thrift stores and garage sales. We love breathing life back into these clothes and creating something beautiful for you. And all of them are 100% synthetic; no real leather here.

How long will the paint last?

When we finish painting your jacket, we seal the paint with a gloss varnish that protects the paint from chipping. This also helps the colors retain their vibrancy. In the end, it’s still a piece of artwork and is not immune to the wear and tear of life. As long as you treat your beautiful jacket with a little love and care, your handmade piece should last for a very long time.

How do i clean my jacket?

Our leather jackets are 100% synthetic, 100% of the time, so this means heat is not their friend. Water is no friend to Acrylic paint either. We recommend spot cleaning and steaming if a mess should occur, and this goes for our jean jackets as well. However, if you must, a machine wash in warm water is okay, as long as you air dry it afterwards. Your jacket will be a gorgeous addition to your special day, it’s okay to be a mess, but be gentle on yourself and your jacket.

Do pineapples belong on pizza?

This is a controversial topic and we prefer to stay politically neutral within this company.

What if i want something different on my jacket?

In addition to the Basics, we offer custom jackets, tailored exactly to your liking. When you choose the custom option on your preferred style of jacket, you’ll be connected with an artist who will work alongside you to make the perfect jacket for you! Any theme or style, we are well versed with far away worlds and lands that you may think of.


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